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Providing one stop marine services to ship owners, ship management companies, shipping agencies and offshore vessels, HHH Marine and Losgisics Pte Ltd is now a recognized name in the marine industry. Known for their integrity and competence, the company’s evolving and adaptable management culture ensures that HHH is able to meet the needs and requirements of their clients.

Offering comprehensive marine transportation and logistics services to shipping, offshore, oil and gas companies, HHH is known for our transport services in in-port and out-port limit supply boats, high speed agent boats, harbor launch, marine logistics, warehousing, air and sea freight services.

Our company owns and operates a large fleet of In-port and Out-port Limit boats. These supply boats support our customers’ logistics needs within Singapore waters (all anchorages) as well as certain Out-port Limit locations within water territories in Indonesia and Malaysia

Our technical and engineering team constantly ensures that all their supply boats are regularly serviced and maintained. We also have a reliable, committed and experienced operations and technical team as well as experienced captains to carry out any job effectively and safely.

We are BizSafe Star certified company and achieved ISO 9001:2015 (QMS), ISO 14001:2015 (EMS) and ISO 45001:2018 (OH&S) certification. Our commitment to continous imporvement ensures the ongoing training and certification of our staff and crew making HHH Marine & Logistics Pte Ltd a safe place to work, allowing us to service our clients in the safest and best possible way.




- The Way Ahead -

We are passionate about providing reliable one-stop marine logisitics solutions to the shipping community. We aim to engage innovative technologies to further enhance our services and customer satisfaction. We are opening our arms to global customers to provide them with direct services.



Penjuru Office:

42G Penjuru Road Unit 2, Penjuru Lighter Terminal Singapore 609151

Marina South Wharf Office:

71 Marina Coastal Drive Unit 3, Marina South Wharves

Changi Warehouse:

7 Airline Road #03-17, Cargo Agent Building E  Singapore 819834

Passenger Launch Counter:

West Coast Pier - Counter 5
Marina South Pier - Counter 9